Rocco & The Fox – Logo Design
Rocco & The Fox is London’s newest and cutest children’s clothing brand focused on crafted occasional wear. The logo needed to be future proof, adorable, and extremely flexible in its application so that the logo can keep its integrity throughout all digital, printed, stamped, and stitched applications. The logo has a crafted and modern feel to it and uses the golden ratio in the creation of the mark.

To help give the logotype its edge, I selected a typeface called Benguiat which has been loosely based on the English Art Nouveau movement of the mid to late 1800’s. The forms of the Benguiat typeface take their cue from the natural forms of plants and flowers. In pairing the modernised floral-esque typeface with a geometrically balanced fox, the typeface and the mark subtly work together to symbolise nature and craft which is the clothing line’s core value.

Shop Info

Production – The note books were designed in London and produced by Lunch Press in small batch runs that have all been quality tested and assured.

Delivery – We aim to post all purchases within 24 hours of the sale. We use Royal Mail first class and any sales out side of the UK will be tracked. If you would like your item to have a custom delivery then please do get in contact and we will arrange this for you immediately.

Returns – All products can be returned within 30 days providing they are not opened or damaged and postage of the item(s) will need to be arranged and paid for by the custmour. If on delivery the items have been damaged please take photos of the damage so we can contact the Royal Mail to address the issue. Any issue will aim to be addressed within 24 hours of notification.

Taxes – If you are buying products outside of the UK and are subjected to border TAX’s or custom fees we do not accept responsibility for this and any additional fees that might occur will need to be paid in addition to the purchase. If your product has been returned due to an issue at a border or otherwise then there will be an additional delivery fee will need to be paid to reship in addition any other costs the item may have occurred.

Finally – Thank you for helping support small business, if you have any feedback for us then please do get in contact via: