Chris Britton Electrician –  Branding, Advertising, Information Design

The Brief
In the village that Chris and I come from Chris has an outstanding reputation both in and outside of his profession. The main issue we were both concerned with is that Chris’s identity needed to be remembered, the identity needed to be impactful and it needed to inspire confidence.
The identity now ticked the playful box but it needed to look more premium, some designers find value in addition, visual elements get added to help give the brand strength, I find like many other designers find this through subtraction. To me a visual identity needs to work like a conversation, as that is in essence what is happening, a brand identity is a visual conversation between potential clientele and the business.

The Solution
Chris being my smaller brother has been unknowingly built a reputation or brand identity fo the last 25 year. Chris personally is a cheeky chappy with a beaming smile and this visual identity simply needed to be an extension of that. So rather simply what I did was to combine Chris’s persona into the world of mechanics and electrics and recreated Chris’s beaming smiley face through electrical symbols. The playful winking eyes are made from positive and negative electrical currant symbols, the neck is a battery symbol and the contour line of the head and smile is made from circuitry wire. To us this hit the nail on the head the first time around, it’s simple, it communicates the not only what the business does but also the brand values of the business, it’s unique and memorable.

Now the Logo was established the visual identity needed to to be worked out. The issue we all have with calling a tradesman is you simply do not know who you are about to let into your house, this be unnerving for some, I wanted to tackle this issue head-on and create a very bright and friendly visual identity to reassure the client the tradesman’s they were about to call would be friendly and professional, to help achieve this the colour pallet played a huge role. The colours Red, Black, Blue were selected as they represented the, Live, Earth and Neutral wires in a plug, Yellow and White were later added in as these are the colours of light.

Like a conversation, you can either talk constantly and end up repeating yourself or you can say something once, pause and give the other person time to appreciate what you have just said, I believe a good visual identity should be the latter. Throughout most of the branding assets (the Car, T-Shirt, Coffee mug) there are maximum of 3 assets used at any one time, colour, logo, a small amount of text. To accompany the visual identity I created a large set of icons for every occasion that showed customers what services are on offer and reminds people how integral a good electrician is to keep on the books because without having one at hand life would simply stop.