Digital retouching or Photoshopping has become somewhat of a dirty word as of late with people finding it hard to meet unrealistic expectations set by advertisers. But if used responsibly then retouching is essential, and be the element that sparks interest and imagination in the brand or product.


In advertising, digital retouching is used in almost every single campaign you see. For instance, if a photoshoot has been done for a lunchtime city restaurant, by the time the thousandth image has been taken, the sandwich would have slightly sagged, the lettuce browned and the chicken dried, it’s then up to the retouching department to add freshness back to the bread, youth to the lettuce and moisture to the chicken.

Product shoots also require retouching. For instance, if it was a product shoot for a Gin distillery then having taken the photo of the bottle the background will need to be removed, shadows softened or enhance and then reflections of the cameraman and the lighting fixtures that are in the bottle removed. 

Retouching by rule of thumb works best when you treat it like polish. If you have 90% of what you wanted to achieve through photography and typography then use retouching as the element to add the sparkle.
If you want to see examples of my retouching please e-mail me and I will send you a PDF.

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