Information Design

Information design is storytelling through visualised facts and figures. Reading pages and pages of information isn’t everyone’s cup of tea especially when you have to cross-reference. But on the other hand a well-refined piece of information design that cuts directly to the chase is pleasing to almost everyone.

For us Information designs beauty is it’s honesty and how indisputable it is. Providing extensive research has been done a solid piece of information design can change an opinion in an instant, which in a world of fake news is a much welcome breath of fresh air.
Information design is strikingly simple in appearance yet is complex in its construction. It’s an excellent way to communicate a message quickly, and can be slick and stylish or crude and everything in-between.

Often information design is used to accompany vast amounts of text in presentations and this is a great use for it, but due to its refinement it’s a medium that is able to communicate extremely quickly with an audience which is why this can also be the perfect for advertising in getting a message across.