Today adverts come in all shapes and sizes and we can create you either a one-off piece or an entire campaign. Adverts have different phases that they go through in relation to the product and the brand. For instance, if you are introducing a new product to market in a new field then phase one of your adverts almost certainly must be more explanatory, within seconds you need to tell your prospective clientele who you are as a brand, what your product is and how it betters the life of the user. It’s not a small order.
If on the other hand your product is already a well loved household name then you don’t necessarily need to describe as much, you can afford to be bolder in your tone of voice and have the ability to say less. Knowing when to use each approach is vital as it can be the difference between money in the bank and something that is chalked up to a learning curve.
What we specialise in is taking the viewer by surprise and talking to them in a way that is relatable, memorable, and endearing and above all else emotive. Invoking emotion and making your prospective clientele feel a certain way is one of the keys to Advertising. This emotion could be humorous, empathetic, lustful, it could be one of utter reassurance and saftey, it just needs to be something.
The overriding issue in most adverts is that quite often they get created by the ad agency the advert gets sign off and passed on up the line until it reaches the overseeing branding department who can reject or edit the advert because it does not adhere to the branding guidelines, the advert goes back to the advertising agency and the cycle begins again until the advert looks, sounds and moves exactly like the last, and the one before that, and the one before that and so on. This can be an awful situation to be in, one point of view on this matter is that the branding guidelines stifle creativity and you end up with an anodyne advert. The other point of view is that the guidelines have not been taken into consideration enough and the advert fails to make a visual connection between the brand and the person who is viewing the advert and intern you have decreased brand recognition and your advert has less long term clout.
Our position on this is simple. Branding guidelines are not written in stone, and can be bent but not broken. Branding guidelines are not religious doctrine. Our goal for a successful advert is to be striking, emotive and above all else remembered. If the guidelines are standing in the way of progress then we can have a conversation about what we can bend to achieve the goal. Branding guidelines are more for stationery and websites, adverts are for revenue.

If you would like to see more of my portfolio of adverts please get in contact and I will e-mail you a PDF.