Carbon Emissions Infographic
This infographic illustrates the overall governing issue with Carbon emissions issue we have at the moment and that is scale. Unfortunately, even with all the science of today, there is still a small consistency of people that can not face the facts, whats is even more unfortunate is that within this small constituency of people is the president of the united states…
So what this infographic does is illustrate just how preciously thin our Ozone layer is and just how isolated we are in the Galaxy by showing to scale the relationship between Earth and the Moon. I tried to take this infographic a step further and show the relationship between Earth and Mars but to my surprise, there isn’t a screen large enough that can show both planets on the same screen which in irony further illustrates the issue.
The Infographic is strictly no-frills, it has only 3 colours and one size of type, the black and white colours were chosen so that the main focus would be on the size of the objects on the screen and the space in-between. One size of typography was selected to echo the message, One Earth, One Ozone, One Chance.
Typically the aesthetic design of anything is through about first and then from that will come the colour scheme, type design, messaging and then music. In this instance, it was the complete reverse, I heard Last Day by Kollektiv Turmstrasse the David August remix and everything naturally flowed from that. I would just like to give my deepest thanks Kollektiv Turmstrasse, David August and the Diynamic record label for granting me a license for their song.
Due to the fact that the motion infographic was designed around the vibe of a song the motion design to this infographic deliberately is slow and rhythmic. I feel that the message is shocking enough and the music is beautiful enough to not need any additional elements to draw or keep your attention, so please mute Facebook, use the full screen and put your headphones on and please share.