This is a Infographic based on the BBC documentary are Drugs more harmful than Alcohol.
The first Infographic is a response to the reclassification of Drugs according to a collective of 14 of the UKs most highly respected drug scientists, Including Dr David Nutt.
The Second Infographic shows the annual mortality rate of drug users in the UK.
The third Infographic is relative data, this is based on annual mortality rate in the UK but with the same amount of users in each category, I have done this hypothetical analysis as a fair test to see what drug would be the most harmful to a persons mortality.
Bright and friendly colours have been used here to make the Infographic less morbid and more engaging to a wider audience. Since I created the Infographic a Dance music magazine 'Mixmag' has reposted my work and helped to give a better understanding of Drugs across the age range.